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Presentation of UAB MARGASMILTĖ

      UAB MARGASMILTĖ was established on Aug 16, 2007. Registered office address: Pramonės Str. 6, Druskininkai, Lithuania. Websites: www.margasmilte.lt and www.anhydrite.lt. Authorized capital - LTL 2,000,000 (two million Litas). The Company is carrying out its activities in the fields of search, mining and processing for natural resources. The Company is managed by three shareholders, natural persons. The Company’s General Manager is a hired employee. All strategic decisions are made by the Shareholder Meeting. At the time being, UAB MARGASMILTĖ is exploiting Margai gravel and sand quarry covering the area of 28 ha. According to calculations of competent professionals, Margai quarry contains approx. 2 million cubic meters of natural resources. Having in mind that natural resources are not renewable, the value of the quarry will remain high.
      At the time being, our Company is working on a project that is unique in Lithuania and the entire Eastern Europe. The project concerns exploitation of Pagiriai anhydrite deposit in the way of mining, i.e. overground transport terminal, a mine with underground warehouses, and overground administrative building with car parking area.
      The project was drafted back in 1990 by famous Soviet scientists, who were working for the Leningrad Geomechanics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. At the time being, Lithuanian anhydrite project is being developed anew, i.e. adapted for contemporary technologies and other requirements. However, the essence of the project will not change. Mining principles have not changed considerably within the last 20 years, it’s just that technologies and machinery has been improved. Estimates of project implementation cost will be available after the feasibility study is developed, detailed territory planning is carried out, and usage and technical projects are developed. International invitations to tender will be announced for execution of such works. All of the aforementioned actions will commence as soon as contracts with financial or strategic investor are signed.
      At its own expense, UAB MARGASMILTĖ has already developed the Report on Valuation of the Environmental Impact (VEI), carried out geologic surveying with regard to the place of excavation of the shaft. The contour of the deposit of the natural resources has been expanded. Any and all consents of governmental authorities have been obtained, the matter has been coordinated with all institutions concerned and the society, and project implementation documents required by the Law have been developed. Permit on exploitation of the anhydrite deposit has been obtained.
      Accumulated information and experience enables us to guarantee for the day being that the project we have initiated will be implemented with a 100% probability. Having analysed the overview of the global anhydrite and gypsum industry (GYPSUM and ANHIDRIT, A Global Strategic Business Report) developed by Global Industry Analysts, INC. in March 2008, we can claim that the global demand for the material will be surely increasing. Enormous funds are being invested into their mining and processing. Pagiriai anhydrite deposit located in the Republic of Lithuania is no exception. You can find more information on the anhydrite project on our websites.
Yours faithfully,
Shareholders of UAB MARGASMILTĖ
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